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Issue of

Since municipalities are in financial difficulties, when it comes to policy making, you must actively raise funds from central government agencies, prefectural governments or the private sector. However, you may not have enough time to prepare for an application of a subsidy from the central government because you were notified at the last minute, or the information about a new kind of subsidy is not passed down from the prefectural government and the appropriate division is not notified about it. Opportunities to obtain subsidies are often missed without even noticing. Also, there are no notification about indirect subsidies, subsidies from private foundations and funds form regional bank, so you do not even know their existence and could not even reach them.


Easy to find additional funds

Matches appropriate subsidies for each policy category. Procedures and results of other municipalities can be viewed.

Issue of accumulation of information and goods

A municipal division that is making policies is required from the municipal assembly and their superiors to investigate similar policies of other municipalities. Each division spends a lot of time gathering information provided in different formats by different municipalities, and the total number of man-hours for gathering information is enormous for the entire municipality. Also, due to constraints of manpower, it is common to only compare information from municipalities within the same prefecture, but by looking for excellent municipalities from all over the country, you might be able to find measures that will really help you. 


Easy to compare with other municipalities!

Detailed information including budget and KPI of projects of other municipalities can also be viewed. List comparison function is also available.

Issue of
human resources

Municipal government officers are extremely busy, and due to the transfer to different divisions every two to three years, there is a structure that is difficult to accumulate know-how of policy making within a division that is making a policy. Therefore, the central government is trying to increase the number of policies being made and implemented by asking for the help of the private sector under the name of public-private partnership (including Future Investment Meeting and PPP/PFI Action Plan.)
However, it was difficult to find private companies with great ideas and to receive proposals and advice at the policy-making stage in an open environment. 


Provides a good suggestion at a good timing

Matches what policies need with private sector solutions.


Recommendation from municipalities

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